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Hoshinoko's are a closed species made by :iconkizzycosplayer:
Please do not make your own!
You do not have to own a Hoshinoko to join the group!

Go Check out our site!… (It's still a wip)
Founded 6 Months ago
Sep 10, 2016


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Closed Species

46 Members
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This collection does not have any deviations yet!

Hoshinoko of the Month

The Hoshinoko of the month is...
Theo gif by SlicedCloud
The Hoshinoko of the month is picked by :iconkizzycosplayer:
Current Season: Winter. Mating Season. January 

Hoshinokos are a closed species please don't make your own!
Hoshinoko (Star Children) Basic info

Hoshinoko are normally drawn as a chibi but can be drawn as a normal person.
They always have wings, a tail, and animal ears. 
Due to their curious ways and features they are sometimes kept as pets or slaves
They also have a feral and anthro form (Not featured here yet)
Human: Akira's new ref by KizzyCosplayer feral: Hoshinoko Feral Form by KizzyCosplayer anthro: KenOokami {REF} by IgnitedWolfess26


They have two colored wings when the wings are in the dark a star pattern appears
One color on top of another (common Maomi  by KizzyCosplayer

A different color on each wing (Uncommon Goyang-i by KizzyCosplayer

Soul strings coming off of wings (rare) (Soul strings strengthen their powers) Akari's ref (Cs) by KizzyCosplayer

Color tipped wings (Rare Akira's new ref by KizzyCosplayer

Tails and Ears

Tails are normally one color (common) but can have more than one color. (Uncommon)
They normally have one tail (common) 
Two tails are Rare

Tail shape always looks like  Maomi  by KizzyCosplayer it goes small to big fluffy tip (MAPLE LEAFish SHAPE)

They all have some form of animal ears. They can have any animal ear
Cat ears are the most Common.
Other Ears Feel free to use any other animal ear not listed here!
Bunny Ears
Lynx Ears

Bat Ears
Dog Ears
Bear ears

Patterns on ears are Rare.
They can also have horns (Rare)

Above their eyes they have a star pattern which is visible during the day

Most Hoshinoko's prefer pastel colored clothes. It is Rare to have one that does not.
Their pants or skirts will always have a star pattern


They feed off of people unhappiness pain and sorrow. (Negative energy)

Natural Predators

Holy shit it moved! by KizzyCosplayer- These monsters act like statues waiting for Hoshinoko's to fly near. When their prey is close enough they will grab them and eat them. Most Hoshinokos can outfly them.

Cloudtail InfoBasic Information


Cloudtails are feral, kemonimi or anthro (or pony)  creatures that have fluffy clouds for tails.


Natural Prey

Cloud Points are earned by drawing your cloudtail!
Headshot: 1+
Halfbody: 2+
Fullbody: 3+
Background: 1+
On a flying Island: 4+
Comics: Each Panel is 5 Cp
With a Companion: *Depends on companion*
With someone else's cloudtail: 6+
Every 5 pieces of art that you do of your cloudtail It will gain a level

Common traits: 

Plain eyes
One color eyes
Bear face
Small wings
Simple fire and ice beads
Extras: Human form, Feral Form
Uncommon Traits:
Closed Eyes
Two Color eyes
- Cloudtails are the most dangerous predator to a Hoshinoko. They are known to pop up at night and eat Hoshinoko eggs and young children. They are faster and a bit stronger than Hoshinokos. The Hoshinoko mating scent attracts them. Angelic/Demonic Hoshinokos and Advanced Hoshinokos are some of the only Hoshinokos that can easily defeat them

Species Sheet - Masukens (UPDATED 10/23/16) by ReneeTheEchidnaFox14- Maskens (owned by :iconreneetheechidnafox14:They're omnivores. They're about 4'8" as adults, and hunt in packs.


Hoshinokos after absorbing enough negative energy admit this sweet scent that will attract mates. Only males can have children. (Females can but it's rare) Most Hoshinokos are male however Females can be born.
They use their negative energy and combine it with their mate which creates their egg. They normally have one egg every year. Mating season is Every other month. January, March, May, July, September, November.
If you have two Hoshinokos or if you ship your Hoshinoko with someone elses Hoshinoko you can get an egg during Mating Season and it will hatch During Hatching Season! But both of the parents must have gone through the Trials of Purity First

Scents: Feel free to use one not listed here!
Fruit smells (except cherry and watermelon), Tree smells, Grass : Common
Warm Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint: Uncommon
Watermelon, Cherry, Mistletoe, Snow, Rain, Candle smells : Rare
When they are first born they only have a feral form. As they mature they can access their human form.How baby Hoshinoko's are made by KizzyCosplayer


Only Hoshinoko's that have gone through the Purification trials have access to their Star Powers.  A Hoshinoko must recharge their stars every night in order to use them.
Power list so far: 

Nightmare Form (Rare): They turn into a nightmaric creature that will devour everything in its path.

Starbeam: It's like hyper beam...except with stars...Can only be used once a week

Starry wind: (Some Hoshinokos have posionous stars) can summon Mini stars that will chase after their opponents

StarBurst: sends two huge star's toward their opponent. Before hitting their opponent they burst into millions of tiny sharp star shards.

Star swords: can summon two star swords

Moonshine: This is a healing move can only be used once a week

Dimension Jump (Gifted to Certain Hoshinokos by Tama and Maomi) This gives Hoshinokos to jump from universe to universe at will only certain Hoshinokos can do this and gain the trait by being blessed by Tama or Maomi 

(Can be granted to Hoshinokos that have a sorrowful past by Rena) Tears of Sorrow: The tears of the Hoshinoko heal and make them more powerful

Angelic and Demonic Traits

Wings (Colors still apply to these wings)

Angel Wings- these are longer and usually white to gold in color (Or pastel) *pic coming soon*
Angel Aura Wings- These are made of aura *pic coming soon*

Demon Clawed Wings- These have claws...duh  Rena by KizzyCosplayer

Demon Bat Wings- Bat wings...also duh *pic coming soon*

Tails and Ears

Angels always have a unicorn horn!
Demons can have Demon horns in place of ears (or with ears)! 
*pic coming soon*

Tails are normal


Angels are pastel
Demons are darker colors


Angels feed off of positive energy
Demons feed off of Pain and Cloudtails. Are very likely to be cold blooded killers/cannibals

Mating Scent

'Holy' Water

Demons: (Demons always give off their mating scent)
Dark Fire


Guardian Angel- Exclusive to Angelic Hoshinokos: The hoshinokos wings become as strong as diamonds and can slice through prey. They are so strong that they can cut through trees.

Angelic Sabers: Like star swords except stronger

Angelic Aura: A bright aura that Hurts monsters and heals Hoshinokos and themselves

Demonic Form: A stronger version of Nightmare form

Demon Energy Claws: The Hoshinoko grows claws that can cut through mountains when fully charged

Shadow Fog: The healing move for Demonic Hoshinokos. Hurts everything around them

Shadow Aura: A powerful aura emits out from the center of a Hoshinokos body 

Shadow Step: Shadow Stepping allows demonic hoshinokos to switch dimensions and teleport at the same time

Angel Ex
YCH: Babycheeb of Maisa by Kaeilia
Demonic Ex
Hoshinoko Myo [Aproved!] by PixelTheShapeshifter Rena by KizzyCosplayer


Any questions ^^?

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